Handcrafted by Nelson P. Steffy
Item #A-4561


Nelson Steffy is the Master Violin Maker at The Chimneys Violin Shop, shop Manager, teaches the Violin Makers Apprenticeship Program, does beautiful repair, restoration, and setup work, in addition to making new instruments. He graduated from The Chimneys Apprenticeship Program 2002 and received his Master's Certificate in 2006. This violin, made in 2010, his thirty-seventh, is exceptionally nice with a tightly grained spruce top, Carpathian maple back, ribs, and neck, with red/brown varnish on a golden base, and trimmed with boxwood accessories. Tone and playability separate the great violins from the lesser ones. This one is superb and at $6,000.00 is a real bargain.

Item Number A-4561

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