Handcrafted by S. D. Freeman
Item #A-4582


Master Violin Maker Samuel D. Freeman was a long time maker here at The Chimneys Violin Shop and instructor in the Violin Maker Apprentice Program. He was a pioneer and designed many of his own instruments, experimented with varnish recipes, and made many, many fine instruments. He stopped working in 1997 and passed away in 2003. This violin made in 1982, his forty-ninth, is a very nice example of Sam Freeman's work. It has a meticulously crafted spruce top, a single piece deeply flamed Carpathian maple back, neck and ribs, with beautiful red/brown varnish on a golden base and is complimented by rosewood accessories. At $9,000.00 this violin is deserving of a player at the professional level.

Item Number A-4582

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