Handcrafted by Sandro Cocco
Item #C-4005


Violin Maker Sandro Cocco did his apprenticeship here at The Chimneys Violin Making Apprentice Program in the early 1990s. Since that time he has made an excellent reputation for himself and has his own violin studio in Austin, Tx. Sometimes a violin turns out to play and sound much better than others. This is one of them. Here at The Chimneys Violin Shop, this violin, made by Sandro in 1995, his ninth, is one of the instruments that is used to compare all of our newly make violins with. It is an exceptionally nice violin featuring a tightly grained two piece spruce top, a Carpathian maple back, ribs and neck, and red/orange varnish on a golden base. This violin is truly worthy of any professional player, and one we would love to keep. Priced at $11,500.00 this is violin is a gem.

Item Number C-4005

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