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Our four books are an out growth of The Chimneys Violin Makers Workshop held each spring in Tucson, AZ from 1985 through 2010. They were written to improve the knowledge, understanding, and methods of violin makers. Consequently, our books are great workbench reference materials for the violin maker. They were not written for the beginner nor will they show the beginner how to build their first violin.

The first 3 books were authored by Edward C Campbell and Edward S Brown

LITTLE RED BOOK - I     $20.00 + shipping & handling
LRB I covers: setting the sound post; cutting, fitting, and tuning the bridge; the violin mold; important measurements; plate tuning; bridge inclination and static equilibrium; graduations for the violin and viola, etc. There are drawings to help illustrate the text.

LITTLE RED BOOK - II     $30.00 + shipping & handling
LRB II covers: bass bar tuning, controlling the Helmholtz resonance, varnishing and coloring using the glaze method, violin bridge tuning condensed, the 16" viola mold, violin top-plate arching and free plate tuning. There are tables of related frequencies, drawings, tables of dimensions and full size pull-out drawings of graduation patterns with the locations of the bass bar and F - holes. There are drawings to help illustrate the text.

LITTLE RED BOOK - III     $35.00 + shipping & handling
LRB III covers: controlling the violin body resonance (BO), sound post adjustment guidelines, cello bridge tuning, neck to fingerboard assembly procedure, setting the violin neck in the corpus, addendum to varnishing, cello making guidelines, the cello mold, hide glue, tables of plate resonances for the violin, viola, and cello. There are sketches and drawings illustrating the text.

By Nelson P. Steffy, Melenahe Martin and Edward C. Campbell
LITTLE RED BOOK - IV     $40.00 + shipping & handling
LRB IV covers: fine tuning vs. general tuning, a general order of construction, fine tuning - in the white, finding A0 with a sound generator, controlling B0, body resonance record chart, plate bending, a violin mold drawing, note frequencies by octave, and weatherizing cold pressed linseed oil. An excellent work bench reference book.

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