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Our Gallery: Take a moment to scroll down and browse through the featured instruments in our gallery. You can look and listen. Remember, we have many more instruments than we feature online so call if you are looking for something special.

Our Instruments: We make and sell hand made violins, hand made violas, and hand made cellos for the serious student, conservatory student, and for the professional player. Our student instruments range in price from $1000 - $2,500; our conservatory instruments from $3,000 - $4,500; and our professional instruments are over $5,000.

Apprentice made instruments: A hand made violin, hand made viola, or a hand made cello made by one of our apprentices is generally in the student or conservatory price range but often they will play and sound better than they are priced because the apprentice's developing workmanship skills keeps the price lower. These instruments are often the best bargains around.

About Antiques: Although we sell and trade many old instruments the term antique is usually used in the violin world to describe valuable instruments made by well known makers of years gone by. And although the myth, that old violins sound and play better than new ones, is still around and believed by many, it is still a myth. As violin makers we believe that all of the best antiques started out as the best new instruments. Unless you are an investor looking for a place to put your wealth or you play at a level where your instrument will draw as big a crowd as your playing does, spending money on an antique, in our opinion, is unnecessary.


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~ Violins ~

Handcrafted by L. Hanako Fairbanks
Item #A-4636   SOLD
Handcrafted by Brent Nicewander
Item #A-4376   SOLD
Handcrafted by Stuart Orser
Item #A-4500   $3,000.00
Handcrafted by B. Cabelus
Item #A-4580   SOLD
Handcrafted by Hans Edler
Item #G-4530   $2,500.00
Handcrafted by Nelson P. Steffy
Item #A-4561   $6,000.00
Handcrafted by S. D. Freeman
Item #A-4582   $9,000.00
Handcrafted by Nelson P. Steffy
Item #A-4572   SOLD
Handcrafted by Sandro Cocco
Item #C-4005   $11,500.00

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