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Our Founder (1929-2015)
Master Violin Maker
Edward C. Campbell

Master Violin Maker
Nelson P. Steffy

We are all about the Violin, Viola, and Cello. From Sales, Repair, Restoration, and Rentals, to Violin Making and our Violin Making Apprentice Program, where we teach others how to make and repair the violin family of instruments, The Chimneys Violin Shop knows and creates world class violin family instruments. We've also written 4 Books on making Violins, Violas, and Cellos. Thanks in advance for taking a few moments to browse through our web site.

Ed Campbell, (May 24, 1929 - July 18, 2015) and his wife Mary, opened The Chimneys Violin Shop in 1960. Ed earned international recognition for his 3 Gold Medals, 11 Certificates of Merit, and 16 Grand Prizes received in International Competition for making violins, violas, and celli. This recognition led to a demand for his knowledge and methods of violin making.

In 1978 they expanded their facility and began The Chimneys Violin Making Apprentice Program to teach others how to design, make, set up, and repair world class instruments. They expanded again in 1988 and today continue teaching these same principals with space for 8 students. Instructor, Master Violin Maker Nelson Steffy, apprenticed at The Chimneys and was hired as a Violin Maker. Four years later he earned a Master Violin Maker Certificate and began teaching the apprentice program.

I see the violin as a mechanical amplifier. Making it look right is only a small part of making it work right. The more one understands how this beautiful instrument works, the better equipped they are to optimize the way it plays and sounds. Our teaching, making, setups, and repair work are all built on Ed's 50 years of experience and dedicated to him and to the excellence that he demonstrated in his life's work.

We would love to make you a great instrument, find you one, or make the one you have and love sound better and play easier.

Working together we can all make great music


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