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Our Master Violin Maker's Professional Services

1. Instrument Appraisals:
For a formal appraisal, needed for insurance or estate purposes you will receive a detailed written description of your instrument and what it is worth in our opinion for a nominal fee. Informal appraisals (as when you want to sell it and do not know how to price it) are free; we simply look at your instrument and tell you what we think it is worth.

2. Instrument Setups:
A setup includes a new bridge, a new sound post, and new strings. In addition to these new parts being cut and fit to your instrument, by Master Violin Maker, Nelson Steffy, he also includes fine tuning your instrument's sub-systems for maximum performance. This includes the loose end of the fingerboard, the chin rest, and tailpiece. Pricing is based on which of these individual elements you choose.

3. Crack Repair:
We do masterfully crafted repairs. Common cracks are open seams, top crack beside saddle, f-hole wing cracks, and cracks beginning next to the neck. Crack repair is all labor and is charged at our normal hour rate.

4. Damage Repair:
We also repair and restore instruments to working condition preserving the integrity of the original maker when they have been damaged by an accident or neglect. As highly trained Master Violin Makers, we know how to disassemble your instrument make the necessary repairs and reassemble and retouch it turning it back into an instrument of grace and beauty as it was before the neglect or damage.

5. Bow Rehairing:
We use triple sorted non bleached white hair from Mongolia. It is even, strong, and long lasting. Your bow hair excites the strings to produce the best music of your ability. If you need to scrimp and save, donít do it by getting your bow rehaired by a friend, another player, or a music store. We are professionals. Getting the ribbon of bow hair smooth with even tension is difficult and can only be done with much experience. Most bent bows got bent by being rehaired incorrectly.

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6. Bow Repair:
We repair many cracks or breaks in wood bows. We also re-camber wood bows, and straighten side to side bends. We also repair frogs, replace screw eyes, replace pearl eyes, repair or replace pearl slides and furls, and replace or repair screws and screw buttons.

7. Re-Varnishing:
Occasionally an instrumentís varnish will be ruined by a novice who thought they could make it look better. If you need your instrument stripped and re-varnished to look new again we provide that service. Old worn instruments are usually not candidates for re-varnishing as it diminishes any antique value.

8. Neck Resets:
We reset necks when they come out. Most often this requires the mortise to be reshaped in the block so the fit is good enough to hold the neck secure. We can also reset the neck when the fingerboard begins to come down on the belly. Often, placing a shim under the fingerboard is also an option when the fingerboard starts coming down. However, it must be said that when the fingerboard begins to come down, both the neck reset option and the shim option are only temporary fixes and will not cure the problem. If the neck on your instrument is coming down close to the belly and it is hard to play up the fingerboard, bring it in for an evaluation.

9. Loose Blocks:
We repair all types of block and rib failures and can replace ribs (sides) and blocks if they are damaged beyond repair.

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